• I cant apply settings at network manager

    Hi all, I have installed antergos with kde recently, everything is going nice, but I have a little problem with my network manager.

    The thing is that I can’t apply the changes I make on my conexion, so I can’t change my IP or DNS’s. I can only accept the changes and it does nothing on the network configuration.

    A few days ago I found another network manager where my changes were applied with no problem, but I cant remember what I did to get that one out

    alt text

  • I never used ‘the’ Network Manager in KDE. Years ago, I have used wicd with slackware, seemed to have worked just fine. you can try that one.

  • The manager which is working nice is "nm-connection-editor " there I can change anything and it works nice, the other one seems to not have sudo permissions to save settings :/

  • I have created a new conection with this network manager, and now I can edit it as I want, It seems that I was unable to modify only the default conection.

    I wil look for some info about this, but it’s solved for now

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