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    Hi everyone,

    My father (who turned 80 last week) asked my advice on buying a new laptop. He ran Antergos (which I installed for him) on his 10 year old laptop, but it broke down this week. The hardware can be fixed, but considering the costs, it’s better to buy a new one.
    He set his eyes on an HP Pavilion from around 500 euro, considering his old laptop was an HP, he rather sticks to the same brand.
    The first one he’s considering has an Intel i3 Sky lake cpu with integrated graphics, with 4 gb RAM and a 128 GB SSD.
    The second one is the same model, but ships with an AMD E8-7410, 8 GB RAM, AMD Radeon R5 graphics (integrated?) and a 256 GB SSD.
    The AMD version is almost 80 euro cheaper, does anyone has experience running Linux on a computer with (sort of) the same AMD specs?

  • @bpoerwo said in AMD or Intel:

    The first one he’s considering has an Intel i3 Sky lake cpu with integrated graphics, with 4 gb RAM and a 128 GB SSD.

    The 2 options are very good, but I have an i3 and walk all day without problems, I have it without UEFI and AMD maybe a little better, but not to deny and install any distro without problems of drivers and those things me I stay with the first option.-

    Good luck with the purchase !!!

  • Thanks for your reply. I had a feeling Amd would not install Linux that smooth.
    It will be a small challenge to convince him, because the only thing he sees is more storage and ram for less money. Going back fulltime on Windows 10 is not an option for him.
    He’s stil angry about the fact that microsoft updated his system to W10, when he went out to do the groceries, last year.

  • I know AMD has been putting out a huge effort in their Linux field recently, so I’ve heard that new computers with AMD should have no problems what-so-ever. However, I also know that i3 will be guaranteed to work, so if you just want to play it safe I would still stick with that. That’s what I’m using right now and I have NEVER EVER had a problem related to it when installing Linux (and I have installed several distributions in my Linux career too).

    Hope this helps and good luck!

  • Thanks for the answer, tomorrow morning I’ll go to the store with him. In the end it’s up to him.

  • I’ve always been using AMD solutions with Linux in my personal situation and have good experience overall. Game graphics were a pain in the past, but that’s lying in the past now. I haven’t got experience with an E8 CPU though

    But I would recommend the second option though, just because of the 256 GB space and 8 GB RAM. The AMD CPU and GPU should be sufficient if it’s just for normal non-technical use.

  • @EarthMind Thanks! It is for regular use (banking, email, facebook and light photo editing)
    Now I feel more secure if my father decides (and I think he will) to go for the AMD specs.
    I can’t blame him, though, the specs are looking very good and it’s a good value for his money.

  • @bpoerwo said in AMD or Intel:

    Now I feel more secure if my father decides (and I think he will) to go for the AMD specs.

    I know it shouldn’t be a problem (as mentioned in my earlier post) but I have no personal experience with it. I’m glad someone has shown up who does! Thank you @EarthMind.

  • I’ll give you an update on this topic tomorrow.

  • Thanks! I’ll be interested to hear the outcome.

  • @bpoerwo What ever you choose make sure it has SSD or add one . It will make incredible difference .

  • Thank you all for all the advice you gave, but I had a day with an unexpected twist.
    When I picked up my dad this morning, my mother insisted she wanted to come along.
    My mother’s technical knowledge just barely reaches in how to operate the tv remote control.
    While my dad was trying out the AMD model, my mother took me to another HP model: An HP Probook with a nearly 1300 euro pricetag. When she asked about the specs and performance, I had no remarks on it. Then she told me he received nearly 1200 euro as a present from everybody who attended his birthday last week, but that he’s too modest to spend it all on himself.
    So, at the end of the morning he walked out of the store with an HP Probook 17" Intel i7 8GB RAM and 256 GB SSD.
    I just installed Antergos on it and it’s so smooth!!!

  • That is amazing! Congratulations!

  • Quite an overkill if you ask me :P. As an AMD user I must say I don agree!!!

  • @EarthMind That was my initial reaction also, but I understood my mother’s point of view.
    Now he has picked up his love for editing their holiday- and family video’s. I kind of forgot that hobby of his, but looking back he stopped doing that, because his laptop became too slow.

  • As i am getting older i do not think i will be switching to laptop any time soon . While my eyes are good now no laptop has nice dual 24 inch non glare screens . Also it is far better ergonomically to sit upright in a nice chair then some makeshift setup all hunched over tiny screen editing family video. Yes , i will be at soon too , all 20 gigs of them . Also desktop is practically infinitely upgreadeable . Also when hooked up to a Yamaha natural sound receiver with two speaker towers with dual 8 inch drivers and 8 inch sub it makes great jukebox !!!
    Rock on , mate !!!

  • @sigahotcore I think my mother would disagree😉

  • Yes , mothers , like my wife , have no appreciation for 500w of stomping base and awesome visualization while i am chilln in the basement ! :)

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