• Is there any Ripple Desktop Wallet for Antergos?

    Hi everyone,

    I’m looking for a desktop wallet for this cryptocoin that runs in Antergos, because I can’t run the official one: https://rippex.net/carteira-ripple.php#/

    Even being a Linux download, after I unzip it, I don’t know how to run the app if it is possible in antergos…


    Thank you mates!

  • You provide a link to it on your own…
    There is no package aviable for it,but the offered download for linux is executable on your Desktop.

    would be nice of you to say something about rippex, sound interesting!

  • Hi @joekamprad , Ripple is kind of cryptocoin , and it is really interesting how is it growing up… and it could be a grate chance to invest in a long term like Ethereum, but this one is cheapear now a days…

    Btw, how can I execute that app in my antergos? Because if I double click the app or try to launch from terminal, it doesn’t launch.

    Could you please let me know how can I do it? I’m totaly noob in antergos…


  • @joekamprad thank you so much for showing me how to do it, but If I try to do it, right click on the app and click “Execute” , I get a warning telling me something like “There is no application to execute this”. (I use antergos in spanish so I suppose the translation would be something like that).


  • Is it in a .tar.xz format? I believe that is the one Arch uses🙂.

  • When I donwload it is .zip, after extraction, the RippleAdminConsole-1.4.1 is an (application/x-executable)

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