• SCrambled wall paper

    This issue is bothering me a lot since it seems it is Nvidia blob issue , but i thought to ask anyway just in case there may be fix. Screenshot is attached . Does anyone have fix for scrambled wallpaper with Nvidia blob drivers ?
    It is i7 system with Nvidia 580 gtx card . System is all up to date .
    Also posted on G+ !
    alt text

  • @sigahotcore said in SCrambled wall paper:

    Nvidia blob drivers

    o.k. never heard about this drivers before ;)

    Your setup looks lile a multiscreen setup?
    Do you try change the image format from jpg to png?

  • Most of them are jpg . Some are system walls some mine from internets . Yes blob , as in proprietary blob from Nvidia . ;) I have seen this on Debian and Ubuntu so i used them without Nvidia driver and when using nouveu drivers it does not happen .

  • Trying now with png, will suspend for a while and see how it goes . I may have to leave for for a few hour . Sorry i will not be able to reply . Using Nvidia 381.22 right now .

  • aha after suspend this is something i have read some times…

  • Yes . Here is Arch forum topic , but i have no idea how to utilize fix he mentioned .
    or how to apply fehtrick with Gnome-shell .

  • Well , removed Nvidia blob , suspended for 20 min , all is well .
    I guess it is Nvidia driver . What can i do ?

  • I do not now too… but it is possible to use something that will reload the background on gnome shell too.

  • I guess will keep it open for now . Maybe something comes up soon . Thank you for your time friend .

  • Hi and thanks for the links . So , so far still it is not fixed , but it does not seems to be happening with KDE . Maybe i will have t do reinstall and try pure KDE and see for myself .
    Thanks !

  • @joekamprad
    Well i guess we can close this tread . I tried KDE nad was almost perfect when after suspend i noticed little bit of image corruption around desktop icons .
    Now i did another clean install , this time with XFCE and set of apps i need plus Nvidia drivers and all is well .It looks like more "ADVANCED " desktops are not doing too well with compositing amd background , image caching and stuff . It look like i am satying with XFCE , STUFF JUST WORKS .

  • Good to see you happy with a solution!

  • I was hoping to leave Debian/Ubuntu world for a while . I found you and great reviews . Now i just had to choose most practical desktop . ALL DONE . Thanks for making ARCH simplified for us folk not in IT !

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