• Gnome3 GTK+ and Netbeans - Text and display problems

    Hi!, i installed Netbeans 8.2, but i have problems with the text, and display under Gnome3.
    Does anyone know how to fix this?
    I’ve already know that there are other themes for Netbeans that dont use the native window theme (Gnome3, GTK+) but i see on a friend’s notebook that use another distribution (Linux Mint, default) that the netbeans 8.2 looks perfect.
    I appreciate any help or suggestion to solve it.
    Image with Antergos with the problem:
    0_1500398408829_Gnome3 error Netbeans8.2.png
    Image with LinuxMint looks fine:
    0_1500398472430_LinuxMint Netbeans perfecto.png

  • @johndoe81 Okay, I’ll respond to myself. Apparently the whole problem was given by the default font that has Antergos.
    Seeing the typography that LinuxMint has by default is Noto Sans Regular 9, which in fact is quite cute. By default Antergos uses Cantarell in size 11, so It was giving me problems with the interface, so I changed the interface typography and reduced the size. Attached is an image with the typographies and sizes that have been the best (for me). Apart from that, it has been a lot nicer all over the desktop and programs.
    Now, it looks fine:
    0_1500409602515_Antergos GTK+ Netbeans Corregido.png
    This are my typographies:
    0_1500409652766_Tipografias que me funcionaron.png

  • @johndoe81 said in Gnome3 GTK+ and Netbeans - Text and display problems:


    is default from Gnome as far as i know…

  • @joekamprad Thanks for the clarification. I’m new to Antergos / Gnome3

  • @AlexCas said in Gnome3 GTK+ and Netbeans - Text and display problems:

    I’m new to Antergos / Gnome3

    Welcome then! This community is a bit smaller than some (like Ubuntu) and so it may take a little longer for your problems to be solved. However, this is one of the kindest, most helpful communities I know of.

    I wish you luck in your journey with Antergos, friend!

  • @AlexCas i use Noto Fonts and Droid from Google Fonts set and Terminus as mono/Terminal font
    0_1500411765561_Bildschirmfoto vom 2017-07-18 23-02-31.png

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