• Gnome panel menu remains open

    If I receive a notification, say for available updates, and I then click on the notification in the notification area of the calendar menu, the menu remains open covering the pamac manager window. I then have to click the calendar again to close the menu. Is this normal behaviour? I’d like the menu to close after clicking the notification.

  • I think this is normal, as i have the same, there is maybe a bad configured option somewhere, but hidden.
    I solve this by installing panel-osd gnome extension:
    With this you can move the OSD Notifications out of the place where they do not hide your program.

  • @joekamprad Isn’t that extension for pop-up notifications? Pop-ups are fine for me. My problem relates to the drop down menu notification area next to the calendar. The drop down menu remains open after clicking a notification.

  • @anivegmin aha ;)

    The message tray gives you a way to get back to your notifications when it is convenient for you. It appears when you click on the clock, or press Super+M. The message tray contains all the notifications that you have not acted upon or that permanently reside in it.
    You can view the notifications by clicking on the message tray items. These are usually messages sent by applications. However, chat notifications are given special treatment, and are represented by the individual contacts who sent you the chat messages.
    You can close the message tray by pressing Super+M again or Esc.

    this is what gnome offer for options here…

  • You can only switch them off and on: Switch Notification Banners to OFF. inside gnome-settings

  • Thanks for the info re. Super+M etc.

    It’s not really a major problem. I just find it slightly annoying that the message tray doesn’t close automatically after clicking on a notification.

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