• Unknow sensor, and unsupported machine?

    Hi to all. im trying fixing some things.
    I have this error when booting.
    What can i do??


    thanks to all!

  • looks like buggy acpi stuff… you are able to start Antergos and system works normal?

    I would give this kernel parameter a try:


    As i do not know if you are using grub on MBR or EFI Boot or systemd-boot i can give you only what you have to do to add this to grub…

    To give it a try:

    press “e” on grub boot menu and put the parameter after quiet: (red marked)
    0_1500416100568_Bildschirmfoto vom 2017-07-19 00-13-09.png
    then press [F10] to boot with it, come back here if this solve the errors and i give you the hint on making this permanent…

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    how to add system logs
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