• Antergos emergency mode -cannot log on

    Perhaps you could try uname -r and pacman -Qi sometime also. This is mentioned as a possible solution (or indicator of a possible solution) to a very similar issue mentioned here on the Arch forums at the bottom of the thread.

    Thank you!

  • @gamma I just go to install a system like yours with LVMVolumeGroup and encrypted to better help out when you are back here…

  • I think i was wrong on the fact that you are using encrypted Disk …
    After relook to your outputs i can not see this…

    So we do not need the command to open the Luks device…

    sudo lvm lvscan

    should give you info about devicenames: please post the output here.
    then we can go with checking:

    sudo fsck -f /dev/AntergosVG/AntergosRoot
  • Hello joekamprad, I’m back.



  • Hello Keegan, uname -r gives me 4.12.3-1-ARCH. The other command gives me tons of things, not sure I know how to send an image of that to the forum, it would take me ages to even select it and copy it…

  • @gamma you are back on old system or reinstall?

  • the last thing I did was to put something in a pen drive and start the computer using this pen drive. I think it was the liveISO thing. I didn’t go for installing but for the ‘try it’ button.
    I’m writing the command in the terminal.
    Er… is this the answer to what you asked?

  • @joekamprad said in Antergos emergency mode -cannot log on:

    sudo fsck -f /dev/AntergosVG/AntergosRoot

    You are still in boot up from LiveUSB, then i think ;)

    Do you proceed with checking the disks?

    sudo fsck -f /dev/AntergosVG/AntergosRoot
    sudo fsck -f /dev/AntergosVG/AntergosHome

    If this gives you question type y and then try to reboot without LiveUSB from your internal Harddrive

  • Hello
    this is what the first command gives me:
    There’s no question there. Shall I continue with sudo fsck -f /dev/AntergosVG/AntergosHome ?

  • sudo fsck -a /dev/AntergosVG/AntergosRoot
    sudo fsck -a /dev/AntergosVG/AntergosHome

    will auto repair everything possible…

  • Joekamprad, please ignore my previous post. I feel you’re close to solving this and couldn’t wait to see what happens with the second command! I’ve written the AntergosHome command. Gives e2fsck 1.43.4 (31 Jan 2017), AntergosHome: recovering journal, Error reading block 34635781 (Input/Output error). It asked ‘ignore error?’ I said ‘y’. Now it asks Force rewrite? Shall I say ‘y’ again?

  • @joekamprad

    oops, now I accidentally touched the space bar and it took it as a ‘yes’… It gives me the following:
    Shall I say ‘y’ again?

  • i got carried away and said yes to everything it asked whether to fix. Now I’ve got this:

    didn’t see your message about sudo fsck -a /dev/AntergosVG/AntergosRoot and sudo fsck -a /dev/AntergosVG/AntergosHome earlier, can I use these commands now? It tells me FILE SYSTEM WAS MODIFIED. Is it asking for something else?

  • It will do the same without asking only…
    I finds errors on both ? Home and Root?
    You should safely reboot now and see if the magic of repair was bring your system back! Do not forget to better shut down, remove usb stick and boot up then!

  • fingers crossed!
    so, now I’ll shut down, remove the pen drive, then press the button that turns on the computer and see what happens. I hope I’m understanding your instructions…

  • WOW my system’s back!! Fantastic!!!
    Applying the updates now, there are 179.
    THANK YOU so much for your time and patience, Joekamprad and Keegan. Hopefully I can leave you now in peace for a while.

    Have a nice weekend! 🙃

  • That makes me have a nice evening! Have fun!

  • @gamma said in Antergos emergency mode -cannot log on:

    WOW my system’s back!! Fantastic!!!

    Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you😀. I wish you the best of luck with Antergos in the future.

    Good luck!

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