• Installation well but, no grub??

    i Just install Antergos, following Dual Boot Antergos & Windows UEFI (Expanded) – by linuxhelmet
    All, goes well (without errors) except that when i restart, the grub was missing (like never installed) and Windows 10 start… so, what can i do?
    i recheck the link for install in dual boot, but, i cant find what happend.

    Anyone can give me a hand??
    Thanks to all!!!

    (i dont speak english)

  • Hello,

    Usually Windows override anything what you have done with linux, you can avoid it by installing them to separate drive or installing the linux after installed Windows.

    So my suggestion would be to plug in the Antergos again and reinstall it, so the grub would be added again.

    There are ways to restore it though, because it’s on the linux /boot directory but my experience is it’s way easier to reinstall the linux. (also for this reason I usually make a separate /home partition so I wouldn’t loss any data or settings, just the packages)

  • Hello,

    I have also had this trouble in the past with different distros.

    I use boot repair disk, to quickly solve these issues.


    Hope this helps.

  • @mmm This issue is may caused by a grub-os-prober-bug.

    No need to reinstall, as you can simple reinstall grub with the LiveIso:

    Este problema puede ser causado por un error grub-os-prober.

    No hay necesidad de reinstalar, ya que puede reinstalar simple grub con el LiveIso:


  • Throwing in my two cents here😀. I would at least attempt @joekamprad’s solution before going to all the effort of re-installing. If you get stuck or can’t get it to work, then by all means, just re-install. However, if this does work for you, it will have saved you a lot of time🙂.

    Just a suggestion!

  • @Keegan thanks for underlining my solution :-)

  • Just trying to help @mmm!

  • hi to all, and thanks.

    @joekamprad the problem with

    mount /dev/sdXn /mnt >> / root partition
    mount /dev/sdXn /mnt/boot >>> /boot partition
    mount /dev/sdXn /mnt/boot/efi >>>>> the EFI-boot (fat) partition
    arch-chroot /mnt

    it’s that i dont have this partition
    mount /dev/sdXn /mnt/boot >>> /boot partition
    if you look Dual Boot Antergos & Windows UEFI (Expanded) – by linuxhelmet (i cant put the link because the forum tell me Error
    Post content was flagged as spam)
    you would see that there is no /boot instead just /boot/efi
    So, i dont know what to do there.

    @adaliszk hi, i install linux after Windows…
    and yes i make a separate for /home but, like i say before, i dont have any /boot…

    So, it’s wrong CÓMO: Dual Boot Antergos & Windows UEFI (Expanded) – by linuxhelmet
    And if yes, is wrong, so i make a new partition /boot? and give it 512MB??? or more.

    it’s so estrange that the linuxhelmet tutorial was bad, because even cnchi recommend that link when you try to install.
    Thanks to all.

    (again, i dont speak english, sorry for my bad writing)

  • /boot can be a path under / too but it have to exist. As long as we talk about fix grub. Efiboot partotion is fat32 and on dualboot mostly exist from windows installation and will be used ny mounting under /boot/efi.

  • Ok,
    this is what i get

    0_1500071552374_Screenshot from 2017-07-14 22-29-33.png

    Why does not exist??? mmmmm
    Im doing something wrong???

  • @Keegan Today i re-install and… nothing, just the same.
    I dont get it. What could happend? Another way to fix this??

  • @mmm said in Installation well but, no grub??:

    Today i re-install and… nothing, just the same.

    What do you mean? I’m afraid I don’t quite understand…

  • I mean, i reinstall and the result was the same.
    All goes well, without errors, but, when i restart the grub was missing and windows 10 start… :-(

  • Have you checked the Boot Order in your BIOS? Antergos_grub needs to be at the top of the list.

  • @mmm Hi!
    when you configured to boot Antergos USB are you sure you were using EFI mode? You can have win10 installed in EFI and then turned off to install Antergos as Legacy mode, then grub wont appear

  • Hi!
    I I’ve just had the same experience and spent a while trying to restore my grub file… I was puzzled since It only disappeared the last instalation’s grub but I could see old distro’s grubs (obviously not working). Then I realised that in this last installation I had skipped one step: disabling Windows fast startup (not the BIOS option but in Windows itself).

    If it’s also your case: Boot into W10. Go to Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Power Options> System Setting> Choose the power buttons and uncheck the Turn on fast startup box.

    Suerte. Un saludo!

    I Acabo de pasar por la misma experiencia y me llevó un tiempo intentando restaurar el grub… Lo que más me extrañó es que sólo había desaparecido el grub de la última instalación pero sí podía ver grubs residuales de antiguas instalaciones (que obviamente no funcionaban). Entonces me di cuenta de que lo que había cambiado en esta última instalación era que había olvidado desactivar el inicio rápido de Windows (no la opción de la BIOS, sino en el mismo Windows 10).

    Solo por si fuera también el mismo caso: Arranqua W10. Ve a Panel de control> Hardware y sonido> Opciones de energía> Configuración del sistema> En las opciones de los botones de encendido, desactiva la casilla Activar el inicio rápido.

    Suerte. Un saludo!

  • Well @Keegan i now see the boot, and have this options

    Windows Boot Manager (HGST…)
    antergos_grub (HGST…)
    antergos_grub_ymay (HGST…)

    In the wiki link (Dual Boot Antergos & Windows UEFI (Expanded) – by linuxhelmet ) this is not mentioned.
    Anyway i put antergos in the top, and save… but windows 10 start without see the grub, and when i go back to see the setup again the order have change and Windows Boot Manager its again on top. (like if the save had not worked.

    In setup i just disable “secure boot”,

    @Css thanks but no, i do that.



  • Aside from selecting it at the Hard Disk boot order, does the last one (_ymay) work if you choose it from UEFI boot menu? (In my MSI, “Delete” gets you into BIOS and “F11” opens the Boot menu)

    I coud see all boot entries (actual and former entries) when entering into BIOS, but after the first boot into W10, I couldn’t see the last installation at the Boot menu; It had disappeared.
    Only in case I did not make clear myself, what I mean is to uncheck this option:

    0_1500129693886_Disable FastStartUp.jpeg

    After that, I reinstalled Antergos… and had it up & running.

    (Image from: https://itsfoss.com/solve-ntfs-mount-problem-ubuntu-windows-8-dual-boot/)

  • I really don’t know what to say then. All I can think of is that there is another section in the Boot Menu (accessed by one of the following keys:

    Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, and Acer – F12

    Asus – ESC

    HP – F9

    this section determines what you boot from for the current boot procedure, not for multiple times. Perhaps this is what you are doing? If it is. then it would change the boot for that session, but not for the ones afterwards.

    Hope this helped and good luck!

  • @mmm said in Installation well but, no grub??:

    Well @Keegan i now see the boot, and have this options
    Windows Boot Manager (HGST…)
    antergos_grub (HGST…)
    antergos_grub_ymay (HGST…)

    try the second and the third to see if some work (should work since is there)

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