• Unwanted pop-up on Antergos site

    Hi everybody,

    since this morning I get a big pop-up saying that Antergos.com is blocked by my isp.
    Underneath the header it says it’s not yet blocked and it asks to participate to write a letter to the US government and it also asks for my personal info (adress etc.) The pop-up has been made by cloudflare and it also asks to install it in the browser.
    Ofcourse I didn’t fill in the form or clicked on any link, I clicked it away, but when I go to another page within the site, it appears again. I’ve tried three different browsers, but it appears in all of them. Also Antergos.com is the only site it appears, that I frequently visit.

    Does anyone else has this pop-up and is this fishing or is cloudflare a sponsor for Antergos?

  • @bpoerwo I had it too

  • Hi there!

    I don’t quite understand it either (if I interpreted the meaning of your post correctly) but this notice is showing up in one form or another on all Linux and Opensource websites. It is definitely legit. What I can’t believe is that soon, what we see online could be cencored! That is TOTALLY unacceptable! Now is the time to move. To do something about it. Before it is too late. And before our freedom is gone.

  • I’m back!

    Here’s an article explaining more about what this is all about if you are interested. I know personally that if this passes, there are two things I am going to do:

    1. Stick with Linux forever (not that I wouldn’t anyways😄), as it will be one of the last strongholds left of freedom in the world of technology.

    2. Start using Tor. It may be slow, but at least my activity won’t be monitored or manipulated online.

    This all sounds like Windows 10 on a larger scale if you ask me!

  • And this popup is putting there by devs i think, i use also cloudflare on my sites and i do not have this popup…

    And it is on all of us to save the netneutrality now!

    The neutrality of the Internet is not negotiable! It is not a question of preventing illegal activities, but of restricting freedom of speech. A network, censored and controlled by authorities and companies, is only used to feed the capitalism machine and give small companies and individuals access to the market only through more and more money!

  • @joekamprad said in Unwanted pop-up on Antergos site:

    The neutrality of the Internet is not negotiable! It is not a question of preventing illegal activities, but of restricting freedom of speech.

    I like that part of your excerpt! Where did you get it from?

  • @Keegan my head ;)

  • Wow! It sounded official or something!


  • This is part of a wider spread effort to keep the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from relaxing net neutrality rules in the United States. (Several groups are involved in the effort.) I have already written my letter to the FCC on the matter, so I simply closed the window and resumed browsing.

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