• clean install, then problems to install bumblebee


    Previous Antergos system was still working but wasn’t updating properly anymore plus root was messed up, so new clean install.

    First clean install gives me nothing, no grub installed, so, second clean install.

    Second clean install (same settings, weird?) gets me to the well known black screen with _ cursor and after that nothing.

    And i think that’s because the second time i have followed the installer guide lines and chosen to not install the proprietary drivers because my MBP has an Optimus video card.

    But that seams to mean that there are no video drivers at all installed on a MBP?
    Or if there are installed; Which video driver is installed?

    Then i tried to install bumblebee following this wiki:

    But not possible to install, because the terminal at boot doesn’t connect to the internet, thru ethernet cable.

    Can somebody guide me thru the steps to get bumblebee for Nvidia Optimus installed thru terminal at boot?

    Internet and Arch pages haven’t given a working solution.

  • @bartatantergos with terminal you mean TTY2 …

    So you need to start dhcpcd to get connected to internet.
    simple run:
    systemctl start dhcpcd.service would do this.
    (not the recommended way but will work)

    test with:
    ping archlinux.org

    then follow up with what wiki says:


  • @joekamprad Thanks, that seam to work but as i suspected; how to stop the pings in TTY? ;-)
    I found it already weird there was no amount of pings.

  • Ctrl+C

    to abort the command ;)

  • @joekamprad Have done a reboot instead and

    ping -c 3 archlinux.org

    works nicer ;-)

  • @joekamprad Out of curiosity why is:

    systemctl start dhcpcd.service

    not the recommended way?

  • Because this connect every aviable network device…


    systemctl start [email protected]<TAB>

    you would choose only one, so if you have more then one (mostly you do not have) it is the more secure way…

  • @joekamprad ok, thanks.
    I have managed to install bumblebee but after reboot now boot stops at:

    [ OK ] Started Hostname Service. 

    Nothing happens after that line?

    Maybe better to uninstall bumblebee and install the proprietary drives for now.
    Because this was working before on this optimus video card, only dual screen wasn’t working properly.

  • What is about your Bios settings/options?

  • @joekamprad It’s a MacBook Pro so there is Open Firmware as kind of BIOS. But never before have to touch that? What info do you need?

  • @joekamprad No BIOS under MacOS it’s EFI (Apple calls it Open Firmware) and controllable by bless in the terminal. No settings at all about GPU or Optimus.
    So, the bumblebee installation should be ok, i think.

  • Weird, my MacBook Pro has an Intel/NVIDIA Optimus card but works the best when choosing during install the proprietary drivers.
    While in the Antergos Bumblebee wiki is noted to not choose proprietary drivers?
    Till now no luck with Bumblebee, but i doubt i need it on the MBP?

    Will create a new post about this.

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