• File sharing error

    getting the following when sharing folder via samba.

    ‘net usershare’ returned error 1: Failed to init messaging context

    Anyone know how to work around?

    Big thanks…

  • @seafury said in File sharing error:

    1: Failed to init messaging context

    you are not the only one:


  • @joekamprad Thanks for reply.

    Yes I saw that as well. So I guess wait till fixed?

  • Update:
    downgrade to 4.5.10-1 gave me the positive result.
    Packages needed to be downgraded are: samba-4.5.10-1, smbclient-4.5.10-1, libwbclient-4.5.10-1
    The best way i found for myself is to use downgrader and downgrade should be done in the direct order to solve dependency problems.

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