• VLC Crashing / Freezing

    Hello Everyone,

    It appears that VLC, in full-screen mode, locks up whenever I hover over the scrubber (control bar) when watching something. I’m able to reproduce this issue pretty consistently on my Dell XPS 13 (with HiDPI display).

    Is anyone else seeing this issue, and if so, have you been able to resolve it? It seems like I can watch movies, I can’t just say jump ahead 10 minutes using the scrubber or it will freeze / lock-up.


  • You are on KDE/Plasma? under Gnome fully working here on KDE/Plasma =issues!

  • I’m running Gnome (Wayland) and seeing these issues currently.

  • can you try starting it like this from terminal:

    vlc --no-embedded-video

    But as VLC uses qt i would give another player a chance, gnome-mplayer or gnome-mpv

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