• Cnchi failing at Integrity Verification

    I have my old laptop under antergos since about a year now and I really like it.
    The performances aren’t great, so I decided to buy myself a new one a month ago.
    Since then I try to install antergos on it but cnchi always fails at what seams to me to be the very end, at the integrity check. It throw me a number (never the same) to be given as a reference to the issue.
    I opened an issue about this on github: https://github.com/Antergos/Cnchi/issues/760
    My laptop is an MSI gp62 6qe (don’t know if it can help to tell it).
    Since the main difference between the old and the new laptop is the hardware, I am wondering if it can be an issue of non supported hardware.
    Thanks for reading,

    (I might have posted this topic twice, I can’t find the first one so I repost it ^^)

  • karasu commented 4 hours ago at github:

    At first, you didn’t have network connection:

    2017-06-07 23:46:00 [WARNING] extra.py(429) has_connection(): <urlopen error [Errno 101] Network is unreachable>

    I’d close cnchi first, then check I have a working connection and then start cnchi again.

    We just released a new ISO, could you try it again with this new one? Thanks!

  • @joekamprad This is weird, I was on Internet during all the process. And it was obviously working since I used it to get the logs on the github issue.
    Thanks for the answer, I am gonna try now.

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