• "Unsolved" @ "old threads" and "necro-bumping"

    As they may not help user to find solutions, if doable, would be nice to create, transfer (automatically?) old “unsolved” threads to a separate forum category.
    Users may then opt to include, or not, that category, when doing a forum “search”

  • That’s a clever idea! I really like the sound of it😀.

  • Old ones could be closed automatic, so no one can answear to them.
    But would be cool to get the search work better 🉑

  • The one problem I see with this is that I expect many if not most users would opt out of including such a category and would then perhaps not be aware of problems (or potential problems) with a piece of software they are considering using. As an example, I will cite my own issues with the latest version of Asunder. I could possibly be the only person using Asunder in Antergos, but maybe not. I would certainly like to be aware of a potential problem and its workaround were I considering using the application and without having to remember to opt-in to that category (unless it were to be included by default, requiring the user to opt-out). Juts my $.02 and probably worth what you paid for them.

  • @WaltH said in "Unsolved" @ "old threads" and "necro-bumping":

    unless it were to be included by default, requiring the user to opt-out

    I really like that idea! It should be an opt-out circumstance, and it would certainly be nice if this option was at least available.

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