• Boot stuck : Starting to flush journal to persistent storage.

    I just installed antergos and my first boot hangs at
    “Starting to flush journal to persistent storage”

    The installation went ok apart from the fact that I had to activate “nomodeset” and encountered a screen that said “error no UMS support in Radeon module”

    Edit: i just started to redo the install and during install the same action works just fine. So it’s only at first boot ?!

  • This is a known issue that is affecting all new Arch installations. You can follow the progress of the issue here: https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/54701

  • @lots.0.logs

    Thanks for the quick response !

    If It understand that link correct there is no current workaround ?

  • There doesn’t appear to be. I’m doing some testing now though. If I can identify a workaround, I’ll push a hotfix to our installer 🤞

  • Ok thanks for the effort and good luck !

    One more thing: how are you so sure that I am having that issue since they link you gave me does not mention “journal flushing” and “Radeon errors” so what am In missing ?
    (Just trying to learn something here )

    +Would you be so kind to notify me in this thread if you were to find a patch ?

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