• System Choppy After Night

    This is a hard one to explain and not sure the exact area to put it (software or hardware).

    I have the Galago Pro i7 16GB laptop. Running latest Antergos with KDE

    I have it connected to a 4K 46" screen through mini-DP. When I first step it up I had all kinds of issues getting it to actually be the correct resolution and it wanting to use just the laptop screen etc. Yet I was able to get it to work.

    My entire system runs great on the 4K screen at 4K 60hz. No real issues once it gets going.

    The issue is that over night when I sleep once I get back on my computer the system is basically having problems. The fan is going crazy and everything is just slow and choppy. It’s as if my CPU is being used 90% to 100% and the ram is fully used up. It’s not. The RAM is very low, no where near an issue and the CPU is under 30%.

    The only thing that I can see related that is causing this is the process “kwin_x11”. When I wake up and have this issue this process is between 8 and 11% CPU load. It will not fix itself, it will stay like this as long as I leave it.

    I need to reboot to get the system back to normal. Sometimes that doesn’t even work and I have to reboot a few times, last time I had to run some updates first and then reboot. It seems sometimes on reboot the system has trouble using my 4K screen again and starts using the laptop screen again, and the 4K screen partially…I have to open the laptop screen and close it again before it does it correctly. Actually when the system is running normally and no issues and I do a reboot for a normal reason, it has no issues booting back in and using the 4K screen. So it’s connected.

    So it seems this issue is graphics related. My understanding X11 is graphics? I just have no idea what is going on or what to check or yea…

    I had my system set to suspend after a certain amount time (it goes to a lockscreen first) the first time this happened. I then last night set the screen to not do that…it should only go to the lockscreen. I did though simply press the power button on my screen and turned it off. Woke up to the same problem.

    It seems its when the system becomes idle for too long or something.

    Any ideas at all?

  • It isn’t just related to being idle.

    If I unplug the laptop and start using it in desktop mode (which is when I switch to 1080P) it will almost always have the same issues when connecting it back to the screen.

    It’s like it gets confused. The laptop screen will have the main desktop, and the monitor will be a secondary one without any menus. I open and close the lit hoping it resets it to just the monitor and that only sometimes works.

    I even unplugged the cable and back in and it seems to just do nothing. As usually my problems seem almost random and noway to provide useful information to figure out what is going on…

    The rebooting option only sometimes work as well.

    bah! lol

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