• Some Fonts in Firefox are Light

    I have a fresh install of Firefox on a fresh install of Antergos KDE.

    Yet I am getting lots of sites with text like this, even some input boxes on sites have this which makes it near impossible to see what you are typing.

    These are my extensions which I don’t believe are the cause (used them before and didn’t have issues)

    Hide Caption Titlebar Plus
    Privacy Badger
    Pure URL
    uBlock Origin

    Any ideas?


  • @noobertroon I am using a dark theme and the same thing happens to me. This extension for Firefox solved my problem:


    Hope it helps you as well.

  • Well that was quick and easy. Should be a way to do that with Firefox by default but ya know.

    Thanks dude.

  • @noobertroon Yes, there really should be. I just found this extension myself recently and it makes such a difference.

    Always happy to help when I can. 🙂

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