• Login trouble.

    I just installed antergos. But now i seem to have forgotten the password and I cannot move further then login screen. Is there anyway to solve this?

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  • @drjrtrivedi
    I guess you’ll need to use the livecd, mount your partitions and change the password, not sure if there is another way. Let1s wait for someone else…

  • instead you can press Ctrl+Alt+F2 you will get a new login page but in konsole. Then you can change the password.
    You remember root password? Because if you don’t remember any password i don’t know!

  • Hi there!

    Hate to crash the party, but I believe the root password is the same as the login password normally though… (at least it was by default for me).

    Hopefully I’m wrong!

  • So may be more easy to reinstall

  • That’s what I’m thinking right now, but first I think we should call in the expert, @joekamprad. Maybe he will have an idea that we aren’t aware of?

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