• Issues with high CPU usage

    Issues began after updating about 2 days ago. Weirdly enough there weren’t KDE updates that day, but just some random ones I can’t remember anymore. Maybe 3-5 total updates - some python and lib pkg’s I think?

    Anyways, now at startup plasmashell and baloo_file_extractor are both taking up a lot of CPU, noticably slowing the system down. I just kill baloo_file_extractor and then I run killall plasmashell; kstart plasmashell; exit to band-aid fix the cpu usage of plasmashell.

    Problem is, I have to run that killall line every time I search for anything. So any time I hit my super key and type for something to search, I hear my cpu fan rev up and plasmashell starts eating anywhere from 10-35% CPU till I killall again.

    I’ve disabled file indexing in system settings, but baloo_file_extractor still runs on startup. Although it doesn’t run again after I kill it at startup, so I guess that’s a silver lining…

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