• My antergos grub just dissappeared


    I had a problem today with my computer.

    I had a dual boot running Windows 10 and Antergos.

    I had the Linux grub configured with both OS.

    After a Windows crash (freeze window), I don´t know what happened and I can´t run my grub anymore. Now, Windows boot is loaded always and I can´t manually find my Antergos grub.

    Also, all the data is safe in my partitions.

    What should I do?

    Thanks and sorry for my english.

  • Hi there!

    Did you check to see if Grub is removed from your Boot Order, or just down lower on the line than it should be.

    Sorry I didn’t see this sooner, but at least I’m here now😄.

  • Hi.

    I am trying all.

    I select on my uefi bios the mode other OS in secure boot option and I tried to boot from all options again.

    But I can’t find an “Antergos grub” or PC didn’t.

    Can Install only Antergos grub keeping my old Antergos data and Windows one?


    I am using EaseUS Partition Manager and I can find the FAT32 partition of Windows Boot which contains Antergos Grub too.

    alt text

    link of the screenshot

  • Thanks for the screenshot🙂.

    Did this happen after the Windows Creators Update? If so, then the same thing happened to me so I should have a good idea of what to do. Also, what computer brand are you using? (I don’t think that was the right term to use😄 but I meant HP, Del, Asus, etc).

  • From the screenshot, it just looks like the antergos_grub entry got removed from the boot order. With a Dell computer, underneath the Boot Order, there is the option to add one or something like that. From there, I could find it.

    Hope this helps!

  • Well.

    My PC have no brand, is a PC handly made. If you ask about my MotherBoard is Asus P8B75-M

    The problem happened after creators update, yes.

    On my Boot menu I only see:

    Windows Boot

    Windows Boot (Hardrive bla bla WD500 (my primary HD)

    Hardrive bla bla WD500

    If I select WD500, it have no boot option.

    Should I share Bios screenshots?

  • @SoulPath said in My antergos grub just dissappeared:

    Should I share Bios screenshots?

    That would be fabulous! I am not really familiar with any BIOS other than Dell ones since that is the only one I have used.


  • Sorry for the time. I was out of home.

    Here you are

  • Thanks!

    Sorry for the time. I was out of home.

    I understand🙂. Don’t feel bad about it though, I can do other things while I wait.

  • I’m sorry but I haven’t ever seen a BIOS like this before😞. However, for a normal ASUS computer, it looks like under the “Boot” option, there should be a choice titled “Add Boot Option”. From here, you can, well, add a boot option. Inside this should be antergos_grub since the Windows Creators Update only removed Grub from the list of Boot options, but it did not remove it or change it in any way.

    I don’t exactly know how to do this on your BIOS, but I bet there is a command for it. Perhaps @joekamprad would know what this might be?

  • 0_1499016050009_Bildschirmfoto vom 2017-07-02 19-20-28.png

    Is it still set like shown in the screenshot?
    May simply the update set serure boot back on? needs to be disabled. (if possible)
    But if you use the same EFI-BOOT partition for both win/lin then it should be possible that the up
    date remove the file from the partition, you can replace them by:
    boot into Antergos-Life-ISO and follow the wiki here:


  • Okay.

    My both systems are on the same hard drive WD500

    I have other HD but i did not install OS there.

    I´m going to try to disable secure boot erasing the secure boot keys (i found that on google).

    I hope that works.

    Will I lose any data if I follow the tutorial you send me @joekamprad ?


    I disabled secure boot and it didn’t help me so, If we are sure we are not going to lose data I could follow the turorial.

    @joekamprad Do you need my partitions map?

  • you have to check carefully to use the right partitions on mounting them, but this will not touch your data.
    It is onle recopy the grub files on its place.

  • This is my hard drive map:

    Disco 0 is the first one which don´t contains S.O but swap Antergos

    Disco 1 is the second one which cointains both S.O and boot-efi partition

    here is the pic

  • and you have 37 GB for / root and 187 GB /home from Antergos on Disco 1
    … as far as i can see here…
    The 37GB / Root partition should be mounted under /mnt
    The FAT32 EFI-System Partition (100mb) should be mounted to /mnt/boot/efi
    To see if it will help to recopy grub here you can check what is inside the /mnt/boot/efi folder after mounting it with nautilus (go to other places > system > mnt > boot > efi) and take a look if you find the ANtergos grub files inside or only windows related stuff.

  • Hi.

    After a few tries, following your instructions, I have problems to install grub.

    This is the error >

    [[email protected] antergos_grub]# grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/mnt/boot/efi --bootloader-id=Antergos-grub
    Installing for x86_64-efi platform.
    grub-install: error: failed to get canonical path of `root-image’.
    [[email protected] antergos_grub]#

    I have antergos_grub inside boot/efi partition right now (with Windows one too)

    And this is my partition mapa actually. screenshot of console

    what should I do?

    P.S sdc is the usb where I have the live ISO

  • Two ext4 partitions: sdb6 with 37 GB / sdb7 with 187 GB
    I was shure that sdb6 is / (root) and sdb7 is your home, but i do not know what you are choosing on installation.

    And it seems that you do not chroot into Antergos, and try to do the command from the LiveEnvironment ???

    =/mnt/boot/efi this is a path not valid if you are correctly chrooted into /mnt !!!

  • It seems that Windows is still having problems.

    This is not working.

    I will just do a clean install again.

    Thanks for all your time.

  • @SoulPath said in My antergos grub just dissappeared:

    I will just do a clean install again.

    hehehe… I’ve had to do that myself a few times also!

    Hopefully your problem is fixed shortly then!

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