• Hidden chat, quote and reply buttons

    Hi guys and girls,

    Something turn me very off regarding the user experience (UX) of this forum. I hate the fact that “chat”, “quote” and “reply” buttons show only when mouse is over. It’s especially annoying while using a phone because you have to guess their position by trying to touch a button you don’t see. It’s a little weird.

    I suggest we make them visible 100% of the time without having to put mouse over them! 🙂

    What’s your thoughts on this? Is that a good idea?

  • I do not recognize this before, but true i do not like it too, it is also is annoying on PC, and useless too.
    @iSpeakVeryWell adding
    @developers @Community-Moderators @Global-Moderators will inform them that there is something posted that belongs to their attention ;)

  • I agree. It has never really annoyed me at all but it certainly isn’t something I like alot. It would be nice to just show those buttons all of the time😀

  • Nice! I didn’t know you had a youtube channel!
    I just gave you two new subscribers (I have two google accounts). I wish you the best of luck with youtube😀.

  • So I’ve been thinking for awhile (oh no, here we go again😄) that it would be nice if there was an Open Source look alike of Youtube. I know a few look-a-likes already exist, but no open source ones. It seems like it could be a great place for Linux developers, reviewers, and others to post videos about open source products. (This is cheesy I know, but a name for it just popped into my head: Opentube)

    What do you think?

  • I use youtube as all other free services if it fits my needs.
    I never think about something like opentube, but true is that all of the data will be used for profit, but on the other hand if something is online google can make use of it.
    And if sources are closed or open, not matter for their hidden algorithms…

  • Thanks @joekamprad😀. I had not thought of all of that.

  • How it look on my phone

    Hidden buttons

  • @iSpeakVeryWell said in Hidden chat, quote and reply buttons:

    How it look on my phone

    Yea. It would certainly be nice to have this changed…

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