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    I have gotten a new system and have gone with KDE.

    I still prefer Geary for email but am now having an issue with passwords. Everytime I close it or reboot the machine it’s asking me for my password, once I enter it I then need to enter a keyring password.

    How do I disable the keyring for Geary and also why does it keep asking for my email password. It did not ask me when I was running Cinnamon. It should ask me once during setup and remember it for good?

  • Cinnamon is using gnome keyring, KDE has KDE Wallet for it.
    May you need to use gnome-keyring to get this working or take a look into k-wallet

  • That is the issue.

    It asks for the keyring, I create one…and it still does not remember my password.

    I also can’t seem to find the actual keyring application to edit it or anything. It’s installed though.

  • Geary is GTK and used the gnome-keyring.

    I have the kwallet installed by default but does not work with Geary.

    Again it is keyring, it just does not seem to be remembering the actual password

  • i do a little search and i can see geary directly depending on gnome-keyring… so may not calling to kwallet…
    So what you need is maybe seahorse installed to get a tool to handle the key for geary.

  • So that kind of works.

    Seahorse allows me to unlock the keyring which in term makes Geary work normal when I open it.

    The issue is after a reboot or anything like that I would have to manually open Seahorse and unlock the keyring. Which isn’t what I want. I simply don’t want the stupid keyring, and geary to just remember the password for my email.

  • you can set login password to empty, then it do not ask (inside seashorse)

  • Thanks, that worked.

    I also now remember I had a previous post about this and Chrome. I forgot about that, or thought it worked differently but I guess not.

    Changed it to blank and all is well. Thanks dude

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