• Antergos installation sgdisk --clear /dev/sda failed read error 5

    Everything is fine until this error pops up. I tried searching for error 5 on google but it says that it is an I/O problem. Is there any way I can still install Antergos?I’m using a laptop so changing the hard drive is not possible

  • @nicoefrmiguel from A-Z, you want to erase hole disk to install Antergos as only system?

    If you want this it is possible to erase the disk kinda lowlevel and start from scratch.

    start Antergos Life Iso…
    open terminal…

    $ sudo su dd bs=4M if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda status=progress && sync

    (no dollar)

    After this disk is totally clean.
    Reboot again to Antergos Live Iso and do you installation.

  • I tried that and the same error occured so I tried manually partitioning it and what happened is it goes to getting your disks ready 100% then it just closes

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