• black screen when i lock the session

    Hi everyone,
    A greeting to the community first.

    I’m writing for a problem with antergos linux.
    I’m a ex ubuntu user and I decided to venture with antergos for the first time.
    I find myself very well and found less problems installing nvidia graphics drivers than I had with ubuntu.
    Said this, I am facing a problem.

    I use gnome shell as de and when I go to press the button to lock the screen it becomes black and only a flashing cursor remains.
    You can not move the mouse or execute any keyboard command, the only option is resetting the machine.

    Use as a graphics card an nvidia geforce 9600gt with version 340.102 driver installed during antergos setup.
    I still do not know the commands, so if you need more information, logs, etc. Ask yourself so you can provide what you need.

    thank you all

  • Welcome!

    If you are using an Nvidia card, you might want to try this by @joekamprad. It is a specialized ISO for Nvidia cards🙂.

    Hopefully this helps!

  • But I have to format. Can’t there be another way? Tnx for your support.

  • @abranca said in black screen when i lock the session:

    But I have to format.

    Sorry, I don’t think I quite understand. What do you mean?

  • I have already installed antergos on the machine and during setup I have chosen to install nvidia drivers. The board is recognized correctly but I have this lock screen problem. I think it’s a driver problem but I’m not sure so I ask for help to you.

    Sorry for my bad english.

  • @abranca said in black screen when i lock the session:

    Sorry for my bad english.

    hehehe…don’t worry about it! I personally sound terrible when typing in Spanish😄.

    However, I don’t think I can actually help you any further😞. I have never used a Nvidia card in my life, but perhaps @joekamprad could help you? He’s the one that created the Nvidia ISO, so I would assume he would probably know how to help you.

    I wish I could help!

  • I do not see a problem with the nvidia driver here, looks more like something related to this:


  • tnx for your reply.
    i have download antergos nvidia iso for my notebook.

    for my desktop i read the link posted by jokeamprad.

  • How’d it go? Is everything working fine now?

  • @Keegan Thanks for interest. I have not read the link yet, I will do it in the afternoon

  • @abranca said in black screen when i lock the session:

    I have not read the link yet, I will do it in the afternoon

    OK! Hope to here from you soon😀

  • By the way, your English is excellent🙂. It really does sound like you are a native speaker!

  • solved my problem following the other topic.
    tnx to all guys

  • Glad to hear it’s solved!

  • tnx for your support! ;)

  • Just glad I could help🙂.

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