• Antergos Installer - Error 667180

    Hello! I’m completely new to Arch Linux and as a result, to Antergos.
    I wanted to give it a try to this Distro as many friends have recommended it.
    I downloaded the latest ISO and created the bootable USB with no problem.
    Then I started the installation and once it was getting to the end of the installation (100% and checking Integrity) the Installer failed to continue and crashed.
    I got error message 667180.
    Does anyone know how to fix it?. I tried twice and same error happened.

  • choose less extra options often helps in this case.
    You can install enable everything after installation too.

  • @joekamprad thanks for your help. It did not work either. For some reason, no matter what option I choose, it won’t install.
    I think I will go back to other Distros. The GUI Installer for Antergos is nice but I think something is wrong with the way it installs. It never happened the same thing with other Distros. Sometimes I think we’re going backwards instead of making it easier for the end user. I know it might be my fault and probably I’m not doing something correctly but anyway, the point is to make the installation process simpler.

  • It is always a gradual migration, between simplicity and optional possibilities…
    Antergos as a system build on Archlinux can not be failproof, as we are using latest Software and latest Kernel, this causes some irregularities some times, most users have no problem installing and configurating Antergos.

  • Did you try to reboot into the system? I have had this message once or twice in the past, but the system worked anyway.

  • webkitgtk package got renamed. It is an antergos-welcome dependency.

    antergos-welcome package has been fixed, so this issue should also disappear.


  • @axioma Yes I did. And then I even reinstalled again and chose less features as recommended, the result was even worse and it could not be completed right from the start.
    I quit trying and went back to Linux Mint. I might try later this coming month or in a different computer.

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