• Realtek Driver r8153 not present in Antergos kernels


    I’m using an USB ethernet network adapter on my laptop and it does not work, the reason is the Realtek driver r8153 is not present in the kernel (I’m up to date but I think it never was included).
    I tried using the r8152 which allows me to see the interface but it can’t detect the carrier.

    On the Realtek website I found the right driver:

    I’d like to know how I can compile it into my kernel and add it to DKMS (this way I won’t have to compile it manually for every kernel).

    Thanks in advance!

  • @Ul2ah compiling into the kernel is nothing easy… also then you need to build your own kernel, dkms is what do the trick to compile the driver against every new kernel ;)

  • @Ul2ah said in Realtek Driver r8153 not present in Antergos kernels:

    Realtek driver r8153

    This driver is the same like in the package from AUR: 0007-r8152.53-2.08.0.bz2

    Realtek side write to the Linux Driver : LINUX driver for kernel up to 4.8
    we have 4.11…

    looks like not supported to me.

  • I was willing to try compiling the module anyway against my kernel (4.11) but can’t seem to find any documentation on how to do that. I have experience building kernels but I don’t know how to use the driver I downloaded and integrate it to DKMS to alleviate the need to recompile manually for each kernel update.

    Anyway I managed to get another network adapter which is using another driver.

    Thank your for your response !

  • Having the same issue… oddly Manjaro with 4.12 it is working, as are all teh debian/rpm based distros. So far I have only found the issue with the RTL8153 USB3 Ethernet to be with Antegros and only the ethernet portion, not the usb hub part (mine is an Anker 3 port USB 3 hub and ethernet device)

  • Linux friends don’t let Linux friends use Realtek and Broadcom wifi hardware :).

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