• how do you install kde desktop alongside gnome?

    someone know how to install the full kde desktop alongside gnome and xfce ? i need them to tell me instructions on how to install the full kde.
    i remember trying it before and it was bad because it was missing a lot of stuff like wifi and settings

  • @cookiedemon Open a terminal and run this command:

    sudo pacman -S antergos-kde-setup

    This will install the basic KDE system with some basic applications. Most you can remove later if not needed.

    You could also run:

    sudo pacman -S plasma-meta

    This will install the whole bunch. But to be honest, I am not exactly sure what it will all install.

  • I would install kde on a new account. Three DEs on the same account is just bad. You will get many conflicts at some point.

  • Yes, that is true, but in my experience it often depends on which DM starts by default. My experience is that Compton does not work well with Kwin.
    No idea about Gnome and Kwin. Give it a try, and uninstall any of the DE that does not play nicely.

  • @axioma Well i gave it a try and installed the first one you listed today and it came out really bad , its like gnome tries to take over the interface, it gets mixed up.

    And it looks really bad, some things in the settings menu wouldn’t load , it would just crash.

    And it came with some annoying bloatware called kdewallet that kept asking me for my password for like most things , even to open my webbrowser, i hated that

    So to me i think kde and gnome3 are the worst desktop environments , and the best ones are xfce and mate.

    Do you know the terminal commands to completely remove the kde package i installed ? or its gonna stay there permanently ?

  • @cookiedemon Like was said before, not all desktop environments work well together. I would not call Kwallet bloatware, annoying at times yes, but I think it is meant as an extra security layer for your system.

    Anyways. To (completely) remove the KDE environment you can run:

    sudo pacman -Rns antergos-kde-setup

    If you get a prompt for unsolved dependencies just run pacman -R without the ns.
    This should do the trick.

  • @cookiedemon
    Told you. It is not the packages corrupting the system, the configs are the problem. And you cant remove configs with pacman.

  • as others have said it can really mess up a system installing a bunch of desktops next to each other. if you simply want to try out another desktop i would go find some live versions so you can try without installing and keeping your current desktop clean and running good.

    tons of live desktops out there to try out. then once you find something you like do a clean antergos install đź‘Ť

  • @cookiedemon
    One thing i read sometime ago to avoid problems is to create different users for each desktop. I installed a lot of them and never faced problems (using the same user), only sharing partition with different llinux distros showed problems.

  • @cookiedemon
    So you’re mixing two DEs, have no idea how to configure kwallet, Plasma5 and Gnome3 and rant about Gnome and KDE both being bad?
    That’s ridiculous.

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