• Qt font rendering issue

    Hi, I have recently installed Antergos with XFCE. en_US.UTF_8 is the locale.

    Qt applications are not rendering the font correctly. I don’t even know what they are displaying. When I copy this unreadable text and paste it in a text editor, it pastes proper English term!! Why is it not rendering properly?
    Has anyone faced similar problem?

    I tried to change the locale to fr_FR UTF_8. The issue exists in French also.

    alt text

    Screenshot - http://i.imgur.com/jIM7DcK.png

    Thank you

  • Have you ever installed any other DE than XFCE on Antergos?

    I know I ran into a similar problem once after installing Deepin DE along with the Gnome setup that I had chosen during installation in Cnchi.

    Hope this helps😀.

  • I have not tried installing anything other than XFCE.

    Thank you for your inputs.

  • I’m sorry, but I think I may be out of ideas then😞

    I have never actually used XFCE myself and have never come across this problem in Gnome, the DE I use. Thus, I just don’t know enough to be able to help you.

    I wish I could help more, but maybe someone more knowledgeable than myself will come along and help you, such as @joekamprad.

  • Looks not like related to language looks more that the wrong font is choosen…
    You can also run applications with the prefix:

    LANG=C qt5ct

    to run in C language

    also may remove



  • @joekamprad Thank you very much. It worked!

    I removed


    In terminal, I ran,

    LANG=C qt5ct

    Now everything is working fine.

    Thanks a lot for help.

  • great!
    You are welcome!

  • Glad it’s working for you!

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