• Nautilus: mass rename using metadata

    This blog post shows since Gnome 3.22 is possible mass rename using metadata like creation date, track number, artist name, title and album name.

    But these metadata options are not available on my nautilus. My options are only “automatic numbers” and “original file name”.
    How can I enable metadata options on my nautilus?

  • We allow to use the metadata of the files when available, which is for me the biggest win in our tool. I’m happy I could rename all my music files using the track number, album name and track name. Same for TV shows, where you can add the season and episode. And for pictures, the camera and the date taken.

    It is all there … exact like in the pictures… here… you can add title artist numbers e.t.c to change metadata when available when not then nope—

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  • Thank you @joekamprad

    My mp3 files have metadata, even so rename using metadata options was not available on nautilus.
    I discovered that I need add my files to Gnome tracker system (settings center>search>add your folders using the button on bottom of the window) to enable the options to rename using metadata.

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