• antergos-alert: what is it?

    It sounds as fishy as a guy outside the local bank selling you money for half the price.

    I can’t find any info on it so I’d just like to know what it does since it replaces a package I understand the name of with something that tells me I it notifies (I have W10 on a laptop and there notifications are horrible spawns satan:P).

    The reason I’m asking is that I’m used to stuff being renamed and moved to different repos on Arch but this tells me nada. Should at least be a news thingy on it or something (or maybe I’m missing a mailing list).

  • Hi!

    Never known Linux to get any sort of bug and it seems unlikely that Antergos (or rather Arch) would be targeted out of all of the distros out there since most people who use Arch (or anything based on it) have a reputation for being extremely techie, and thus harder to fool with a mere scam. Think about it: if a group has a reputation for being able to live their entire lives in a terminal and even browsing the internet in it, (yes, that is actually possible) do you really think that they are the best candidates to try to fool with a mere scam??? They could probably get rid of your scam (if they even got it) quicker than you yourself could! In fact, they are probably better coders themselves than you are!

    That said, I do agree that it seems rather fishy. I would personally ignore it and contact one of the @developers about it as soon as possible. They of all people would know if it is legit.

    Anyways, perhaps it is a virus from Windows 10 that got onto your computer and has an algorithm that allows it to detect the name of your OS. That way, no matter who it hit, it would look like it was intended for them.

    NOTE: if you plan on contacting one of the @developers, I would personally contact @karasu since he will probably answer your question the soonest (before you forget and accidentally hit the weird “antergos-alert”). If it helps at all, I have never gotten this alert, so it definitely isn’t being sent out to everyone on Antergos.

    Hope this helps!

  • The point isn’t W10 or spamming or scamming. It is about lack of info about stuff like this:

    :: Starting full system upgrade...
    :: Replace antergos-repo-priority with antergos/antergos-alerts? [Y/n] 

    It’s not really ideal to be in an IRC channel where your try to help ppl and can’t even answer when asked if a new package is safe. I don’t have to know everything but I won’t tell them it’s ok if I don’t know it myself. Digging through code on github might be something that is required, but then I hope someone can tell me that. I would have to start learning that stuff I don’t know much about.
    There should be some info posted somewhere about such issues, just like the pgp key incident a few weeks ago.
    I don’t mind checking the forums and google when ppl ask but I think a distro that makes Arch “easier” and even has the motto “for everyone” should inform their users better.

  • Replace antergos-repo-priority with antergos-alerts? Is this just pacman+notification implementations? What happens if you use a manager like Kalu? 😕

  • @Tiedemann said in antergos-alert: what is it?:

    The point isn’t W10 or spamming or scamming. It is about lack of info about stuff like this

    I must have misinterpreted your meaning in your post!

    Sorry about that.

  • @Tiedemann said in antergos-alert: what is it?:

    :: Starting full system upgrade…
    :: Replace antergos-repo-priority with antergos/antergos-alerts? [Y/n]

    Hi! This is perfectly normal. It just warns you that a package has been renamed or replaced by another one that we @developers think it’s better.

    In this exact case, antergos-alerts replaces antergos-repo-prioirity. antergos-alerts is a new utility that will warn users only of real critical issues that they have to deal with.



  • Thanks so much @karasu!

  • Thanks for the update.


  • I got this error:

    [2017-06-26 07:14] [ALPM] running 'antergos-alerts.hook'...
    [2017-06-26 07:14] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] Traceback (most recent call last):
    [2017-06-26 07:14] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET]   File "/usr/bin/antergos-alerts", line 144, in <module>
    [2017-06-26 07:14] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET]     do_alerts()
    [2017-06-26 07:14] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET]   File "/usr/bin/antergos-alerts", line 117, in do_alerts
    [2017-06-26 07:14] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET]     subject, part1, part2, part3 = get_localized_alert_message()
    [2017-06-26 07:14] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET]   File "/usr/bin/antergos-alerts", line 76, in get_localized_alert_message
    [2017-06-26 07:14] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET]     subject = _('ATTENTION: Antergos System Message')
    [2017-06-26 07:14] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] NameError: name '_' is not defined
  • @karasu @lots-0-logs

    antergos-alerts vs. antergos-repo-priority

    But a short watch inside the code looks like that both packages do copmplete different things?
    antergos-repo-prioirity > has_antergos_repo_before_arch_repos
    antergos-alerts > Alerts contain important information regarding your system.

    and also both packages are installable from Repo ?

  • @joekamprad The repo priority package should have been removed. That was an oversight. Cheers!

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