I noticed recently that Manjaro’s and Antergos’ Plasma versions differ in one respect which, in the end, becomes quite noticable to me and which previous “solutions” don’t really solve for me: font rendering in firefox-kde.

Manjaro 17.01 Plasma has super-smooth text in firefox-kde out-of-the-box.
Antergos 17.4 Plasma has nasty, tiny and unsmooth text, in the tabs, the title bar, and in the actual window (e.g. search results, webmail clients).

A previous topic seemed to solve this. It recommended:

  1. fc-cache -fv
  2. log out/in
  3. System settings --> Fonts --> Anti-aliasing: enabled, Sub-pixel rendering type: RGB, Hinting style: Slight.

This helped but it doesn’t give even nearly the same result as Manjaro has out-of the-box. This is a shame as I prefer Antergos, but because I stare so much at text in Firefox (and it has to be Firefox for many reasons), I can’t help but stay on Manjaro. The problem applies equally to firefox and firefox-kde on Antergos.

I’m a relative n00b, but my feeling is that there must be some configuration file somewhere in which a couple of lines could sort this out…

Does anyone know the fix I’m looking for?