• Bumblebee: "Run with Nvidia GPU" button doesn't work


    I have installed bumblebee with the tutorial in the Antergos wiki. I can run programs with optirun and primusrun, but the “Run with Nvidia GPU” button in the Cinnamon menu doesn’t work. Where can I edit this button?


  • @gunjah said in Bumblebee: "Run with Nvidia GPU" button doesn't work:

    Where can I edit this button?


    optirun %command%

    inside terminal ???

  • Yes, that is not the problem. I can run most of the applications like this. I just would like this button to work. Then I would not have to make a shortcut everytime and edit it’s command.

  • Sry for late respond!
    I do not know exactly what this button is comming from…
    but should be a optirun.desktop file somewhere may under /usr/share/applications/
    If you find this you can be modified.

    There is a line wich starts with Exec=

  • Still not working, there is no optirun.desktop file in /usr/share/applications/
    When launching in terminal using optirun, it works, but when use right button at menu of cinnamon, “Run with NVIDIA GPU” doesn’t work.
    Need edit the file tha contains the command for “Run with NVIDIA GPU” but don’t know where it is.

    U guys can help?

  • or again after one year almost?

    Please open a new thread, as no one will find you here…


  • @nillblender and you are welcome here at Antergos Forum🤝

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