• Unable to log in with default kernel, black screen issues.

    Hi. After a clean install where I choose XFCE as my desktop environment I was only able to log in using the LTS kernel. When I tried with the “normal” kernel I just got a black screen, no blinking cursor or nothing. I was able to get in to command line using CTRL+ALT+F3 but didn’t know what to do from there so I just decided to use the LTS kernel. I tried searching the forums but all posts seem to regard the Nvidia cards and I’m on integrated Intel graphics so I gave up until I stumbled uppon a post that seem to describe almost identical symptoms that I was having. The fix, or maybe we call it a workaround ,was simply to remove the lightdm packages and replace them with the gdm packages, now I could finally enjoy my new Antergos to the fullest! So, here we go: You can do this from the LTS kernel if you are able to log in there, like I did.
    1- sudo pacman -Rcns lightdm
    2- sudo pacman -S gdm
    3- sudo systemctl -f enable gdm
    Thats it folks, hope this will help someone, maybe the @developers could build a fix in to the official ISO if they could find the time. I don’t know what the actual problem was, I just found a fix on a different forum somewhere on the great interweb.

  • Nice! I really like your easy-to-understand, detailed instructions @catsndogs.

    Perhaps you could consider copy and pasting this onto the Wiki? I’m sure there are other people out there who would benefit from it🙂.

  • @Keegan thank you, will do after work. Have a nice day!

  • @catsndogs would be interesting what the hardware specs are on the machine:

    lspci | curl -F [email protected] https://ptpb.pw/

    Also i remember last 2 kernel updates comes one on the other, so looks like some failure was correctet…

  • @joekamprad what an useful command! Output: https://ptpb.pw/cWlr

  • @catsndogs do you have knowledge about that maybe a nvidia card is disabled inside BIOS?
    The output looks like an Notebook with hybrid Graphics to me but lspci only give intel integrated …

  • @joekamprad OMG, I think / hope you might be right my friend. This is like getting a 1GB dedicated graphics card in present from you! But I’m not really sure, my laptop, a HP EliteBook 840 G1 (A3009DD10303) is delivered in a bunch of configurations, I have the 1600x900 non-touch version. (sold in Norway, we are not in the EU, but we often get the EU product lines) I will investigate further later this day. The box came pre-installed with Windows 10, which I had to get rid of with the help of garlic, holy water and a GParted live ISO. Only problem now is that I can’t get in to my BIOS (don’t have password), the PC was acquired used from a friend, so now I must find a way to unlock it, I doubt my friend remember the PW, but I will ask him of course. I keep you updated! Thank you for helping!

  • @catsndogs said in Unable to log in with default kernel, black screen issues.:

    HP EliteBook 840 G1

    Bios-password reset is hard for HP Books ;)
    You will need to ask HP-Support for a smi file to do so… better to get the password from your friend.

  • Looks like there wasn’t a second graphics card on my laptop. Bummer. Only integrated Intel for me, thanks though.

  • @Keegan @neoes1um Pasted 2 Wiki, thanks everybody.

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