• python2-webhelpers requires setuptools by itself

    Hi Forum,

    This python package and many others requires setuptools but setuptools is not
    a package by itself. Its a package joined to python2- or python3- but they do not
    give the dependency.
    I tried looking for setuptools on the web but again its only in python its not seperate.
    I thought about systemd packages having setuptools in them but I’m not sure which?
    If you would not mind advising on this matter it would be much appreciated?

    Thank you,

  • I think Cinnamon requires this as a package. I’m not too concerned about Python btw.

  • @gregorianchant
    seems due a change the PKGBUILD is broken
    as you can see in dependencies here:
    setuptools are marked red … this should mean something (no link to any package aviable)

  • Well, I found out the dependency required for this package. evolution-mapi requires it.
    I don’t need evolution-mapi so its not necessary for a fix for me, but someone else it might.

    Even though you renamed it to python2-webhelpers it still doesn’t download and install with
    the new PKGBUILD. That’s if I’m following you properly.


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