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    I am looking to a desktop (offline, no account) application for tracking the episodes that I have seen.

    I am currently using DroidShows on my Android device but would rather have a desktop application for this. I did some research and could only find two.

    SeriesMarker and DuckieTV. To me both of these seem to be a bit dated and don’t get much love.

    What are you guys using?

  • i use https://sonarr.tv

    not sure if this is quite what you are looking for though.

  • Nope.

    Nothing about downloading, just keeping track of what has been watched.

    But thanks.

  • I use tvtime.com website only.

  • So Inside EU it is illegal to watch streams from all of this sides :( If the hoster not owning the rights)

  • Yea not wanting to use a website that requires an account. There are all kinds for that such as trakt.tv and TVTime and so forth. Thanks for the suggestion though.

    And if it was not clear, not looking for anything that provides a stream or download. Just looking for a way to track what I have watched, offline without an account. There is nothing illegal about that :)

    I’m surprised there aren’t any. Seems the only ones are available on mobile :(

  • So in the end after all kinds of research there is really only one.


    It’s alright. It does everything that I need and is offline, no account. The design just seems out of place in Linux (more of a web-app) and it’s not the most updated on Linux and there are some known issues with it.

    There are no others though so hopefully it gets improvements.

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