• failed to execute /init (error -13)

    My system wont boot
    This is the error message

    failed to execute /init (error -13)
    Starting init:/sbin/init exists but couldn’t execute it (error -13)

    I’m writing this question with my phone so if the rest of the error message is important i will complete copying it.

  • @tryiton0 said in failed to execute /init (error -13):

    failed to execute /init (error -13)

    This means one one hand possible dead hardware, but also a problem with grub + kernel update.

    So because we think positiv choose to say it is grub:

    If you are on a EFI System:

    If not i can help also…

  • I’m not sure but it looks like a Hardware is not compatible with the new updates because even when i tried to boot on live usb with antergos it displays an error related to bus, now i’ve installed windows :( because any of the linux distros that i tried to install wont be installed and i’m waiting the next update of antergos.

    Thank you so much for your response.

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