• zfs dkms error during linux kernel (4.11.6-1) update -unsolved

    When all things go havoc refer to the excellent Arch wiki ;) Especially you’d possibly want to chroot into your install and repair things from there. As well always make sure to rebuild your mkinitcpio after reinstalling spl and/or zfs.
    If you need specific help please post specific error outputs :) Hope this can get you started.

  • just chroot in to your install and “pacman -S zfs”

    Next time run “pacman -S zfs” after you see the update fail before you reboot ;)

  • @karasu said in zfs dkms error during linux kernel (4.11.6-1) update -unsolved:

    It was my idea to include ZFS in our installation. I have no real experience with it, so I can only help in Antergos/ZFS related issues (mainly dkms and kernel modules compilation/integration).

    My advice would be to always install LTS kernel and ZFS with it, this way you’ll always have a backup to be able to boot when some update screws your system.

    Thank you for making the decision to include ZFS in the installer! I am sorry if it’s creating more issues for you, but it’s the most exciting thing I’ve seen a distro add in … maybe forever …

    I just wanted to add that having an LTS kernel will likely experience the same issues if the dkms has to rebuild for updates of the LTS kernel and fails, just like a regular kernel. Therefore, it may be necessary to restrict updates of the LTS kernel in pacman.conf using IgnorePkg. Then use it as a fallback and have another kernel installed with links in GRUB to switch between it and the ‘moving’ kernel that gets updates.

    If someone wanted to update their LTS kernel every once in a while they could just manually comment out the IgnorePkg exception and update, making sure their ‘moving’ kernel already had the appropriate headers and could boot in case the LTS dkms modules experience build issues.

    As far as the original issue with Pacman deleting the dkms modules before installing new ones, am I correct in thinking that’s an upstream issue with Pacman (?) I will go see if anyone has mentioned this in the Arch forums…

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