• Evolution won't start from Xwayland on Gnome-shell 3.24.2

    So, yesterday, I downloaded the newest Antergos ‘minimal’ iso, and did a clean install of Antergos Gnome-Shell.

    I decided to switch from X.org to XWayland at login using gdm. I have Evolution in ~/.config/autostart. But it didn’t start. Curious. I went to a terminal and grepped ps for it and there is was with a process id. Yet it is not in background ‘jobs’. I kill the process and try to launch Evolution again. Still nothing and the same symptom. A process id shows for it.

    I guess the first question should be, is Evolution Wayland compliant?
    I googled to see if I could find anything but nope.

    Is anyone else having this issue? Is anyone running Evolution in the Wayland environment?

    Thoughts? – Dietrich

  • i am using wayland.
    I don’t use evolution (i always have issues with gmail) but i run it to see if it works.
    it works fine to me…

  • @czam
    I was hoping someone would know of an issue with it. Hokay.
    I guess it would mean I have to compile it from source with debug enabled and then run it with gdb to see what’s going on…

    I’ll wait to collect more answers here – thanks for your feedback and test.
    Regards, Dietrich

  • Can you launch it from a terminal and see if their any error messages ?

  • There were no errors from a Terminal. Oddly. And none in journalctl.
    I completely removed evolution and evolution-data-server and reinstalled evolution from the Xwayland environment.

    It’s working now. Thanks.

  • @dtschmitz , nice! Will you mark the topic as SOLVED , then?

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