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    Re: Install GNOME after installation setup

    I have installed Base Antergos. Installed nvidia-340xx-lts drivers and am able to login under Antergos Linux 4.9.31-1-lts (tty1). I’ve installed $ sudo pacman -S xorg xorg-server and $ sudo pacman -S gnome gnome-extra then $ sudo systemctl start gdm.service from which is goes to a black screen with blinking cursor on upper left corner. Please, any help to fix this is appreciated. I am wanting to install Gnome DE.

    The reason I am doing it this way is because I have not been able to install it through the live-USB.

    System https://ptpb.pw/_wn6 4GB Ram 128GB ssd 15" MacBook Pro Early 2008

  • Some info about the hardware would probably allow to give a reasonable answer.

  • System being has used added (edited in) above.

    1. I’m not familiar with Mac. Can’t help with it.

    2. As suspected, your Mac has Nvidia Optimus video card. Maybe this AnteWiki article could be of some help. But it was written and tested on PCs, not on Mac.

  • If you just install the driver your system is using nouveau driver you will need to reboot (or unload the driver and load nvidia driver)

    check first if early boot nouveau is enabled:

    cat /etc/mkinitcpio.conf | grep MODULES
    Version:	340.102
    Release Date:	2017.2.14
    Operating System:	Linux 64-bit
    Language:	English (US)
    File Size:	66.72 MB

    is what nvidia wants you to use for driver so your one is right…

  • 0_1497731103612_image.jpeg

    O.K. So it looks like the drivers for nvidia are not being used or active. I am not certain how to interpret the outputs. Can I blacklist nouveau?

  • nano /etc/modprobe.d/nouveau.conf

    and put:

    blacklist nouveau
    options nouveau modeset=0

    inside, save with [Ctlg+X] and reboot

  • Same results. That nvidia card is stubborn. If I can talk to it then I might be able to continue with cnchi. Would . libgl be needed? Is my assumption that this nvidia is not active?

  • https://forum.antergos.com/topic/3013/todo-macbook-efi-installer/11

    Older treat but same hardware…

    Sadly archwiki is off at the moment… i can do help by tomorrow…

  • 0_1497817512448_image.jpeg

    I’m at a point where I believe that the driver and or the display manager is incompatible with the video card (system). I am able to login via alt+ctrl+F2 (tty2) after black screen on either Antergos or Antergos-LTS GRUB. I’ve tried using nouveau drivers and that one caused the system to freeze. I will try ssdm and gdm display managers. Other than that, I’m afraid that I am out of options. This machine has a ssd drive and all the other posts may not have had a ssd and maybe that is a reason why they were able to get it to work. Thank you for all the help.

  • i do not think a ssd drive will caus such a problem…
    To try nouveau driver again you will need to remove this first:

    $ sudo rm /etc/modprobe.d/nouveau.conf

    Do you try GDM already?

    pacman -S gdm 
    systemctl -f  disable  lightdm
    systemctl -f enable gdm
    systemctl reboot
  • There was no nouveau.conf file. I installed and enabled gdm. It seemed to be stuck in some loop after reboot because when I go to alt+ctrl+F2 it was blinking and machine turned on fans due to getting warm. I could not enter tty because of blinking … Was lagging. I went back to Lightdm and I can login via tty2.

    –Update ** I was unable to get the MBP 2008 working with any DE using nouveau or nvidia drivers. i have abandoned working on it for now. I resorted to installing Antergos GNOME DE on a MacBook Air (mid-2012 11"). The install was seamless and is currently working. I had no issues with the install.

    I’m a happy camper for now. I did learn a lot about the install and other stuff about Linux. Thanks to all.

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