• Blank screen after fresh install

    I just installed XFCE Antergos (dual boot with Windows) on my laptop (i7-4700MQ, Nvidia GT 755M) but got a blank screen after grub boot screen. It wont do anything so I just pressed CTRL+ALT+F2, logged in from the terminal and rebooted back to Windows. I suspect the Nvidia driver don’t play nice with Optimus. I’m quite certain that its the installation fault because my previous Manjaro installation worked fine. Any assistance will be much appreciated.

  • Apparently I need to install Antergos without the Nvidia proprietary driver first, then install it afterwards. I believe this applies to Optimus laptops only. Problem solved.

  • Hi!

    Sorry I wasn’t able to help you earlier, I just saw this thread🙂.

    Anyways, if this is causing your problems, @joekamprad has a special Antergos ISO made with Nvidia drivers in mind. You can find and download it here.

    Hope this helps!

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