• keyboard backlight doesn't work

    the keyboard backlight on doesn’t work, i have a sony-vaio , any idea?

  • @ikrack said in keyboard backlight doesn't work:

    keyboard backligh

    $ yaourt keyboard backligh
    1 aur/asus-kbd-backlight 1.2-1 (9) (0,03)
        Helper for adjusting keyboard backlight brightness in Asus Zenbook UX31A and similar models
    2 aur/chromebook_keyboard_backlight_driver 1.0.r9.fa4f860-4 (0) (0,00)
        Keyboard backlight driver for various chromebook models
    3 aur/clevo-wmi-dkms-git 0.9.6-4 (0) (0,00)
        A reverse engineered driver for the Clevo P15SM/P17SM/P170EM/W230ST/W350STQ/W370ST/W650SR/W670SR/W740SU backlight keyboard
    4 aur/clevo-xsm-wmi 1.1-1 (4) (0,08)
        A reverse engineering driver for the Clevo laptop models backlight keyboard.
    5 aur/clevo-xsm-wmi-dkms 1.1-3 (1) (0,01)
        A reverse engineering driver for the Clevo SM series backlight keyboard (DKMS version)
    6 aur/coolmaster-keyboard 5-1 (1) (0,00)
        Control the backlight for Coolmaster Dominator keyboards
    7 aur/kbdlight 1.3-1 (16) (0,94)
        A very simple application that changes MacBooks' keyboard backlight level.
    8 aur/lightum-git 2.3.1-1 (4) (0,32)
        Lightum is a daemon to control the keyboard brightness and screen backlight on MacBook based laptops.
    9 aur/malc 0.1.0-1 (0) (0,00)
        Change a MacBooks' keyboard backlight level based on current ambient light.
    10 aur/msiklm-git 20160417.d3f15b9-1 (1) (0,08)
        A simple backlighting manager for MSI steelseries keyboards
    11 aur/pixel_keyboard_backlight_driver 0.1.6-1 (0) (0,00)
        Chromebook Pixel keyboard backlight kernel driver
    12 aur/pommed-jalaziz 1.40.r7.g243f0f2-1 (3) (0,00)
        Hotkey handler for Apple laptops for LCD/keyboard backlight, sound volume, and disc ejection, with systemd and 2012 model support.
    13 aur/tuxedo-wmi 1.5.1-2 (3) (0,00)
        A reverse engineering driver for the Clevo P15SM/P17SM/P150SM/P157SM/P170SM/P177SM backlight keyboard, by Christoph Jaeger
    14 aur/tuxedo-wmi-dkms 1.5.1-2 (6) (0,39)
        A reverse engineering driver for the Clevo P150EM/P170EM/P150SM/P157SM/P170SM/P177SM backlight keyboard, by Christoph Jaeger (DKMS version)
    ==> Introduzca el número de los paquetes desea instalar (ejemplos: 1 2 3 ó 1-3)
    ==> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • i tried with varios of those packages but still not working also i tried with command like xset led 3

  • Have you checked with the Arch wiki? Among other results I found this (Vaio specific):
    and this (any vendor):

  • thanks buddy :)

  • You re welcome! Remember that the Arch wiki is a vast library & the first place to look for info.

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