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    Hello, all!

    I’m kinda ignorant to the little things in Linux and such, but wanting to learn!

    I want to confirm that my install is using TRIM. I did confirm that my SSD does support TRIM and some other forum posts tell me to look at fstab to see if the discard flag is used.:

    My fstab:

    UUID=6633fceb-db5f-451c-8355-06735d021811 /boot ext4 defaults,noatime,discard 0 0
    UUID=8303b812-11dc-4d0f-be2e-c07123de4b0b / ext4 defaults,noatime,discard 0 1
    UUID=a3716c36-1000-4068-a2fe-b671ac7f0662 swap swap defaults 0 0

    It does list discard on the boot and root partitions while not on the swap. The numbers following the flag look different on my fstab from examples. Can someone confirm that TRIM is active from this? I don’t want to screw up my SSD.

    Thanks! I really love Antergos and and the community, so far!

  • @ubiquitousblake !

    Antergos use default Trim.


    $ fstrim
    fstrim: no se ha especificado punto de montaje



  • @judd

    So it does by default if the drive supports it.


  • To verify TRIM support, run:

    $ lsblk -D

    And check the values of DISC-GRAN and DISC-MAX columns. Non-zero values indicate TRIM support.

    should look like this:

    ╰─➤   lsblk -D
    sda           0        0B       0B         0
    ├─sda1        0        0B       0B         0
    └─sda2        0        0B       0B         0
    sdb           0      512B       2G         0
    ├─sdb1        0      512B       2G         0
    ├─sdb2        0      512B       2G         0
    ├─sdb3        0      512B       2G         0
    └─sdb5        0      512B       2G         0
    sr0           0        0B       0B         0

    sda = no trim / sdb = trim yes

    Or install hdparm package and run:

    $ sudo hdparm -I /dev/sdX | grep TRIM
    ╰─➤  sudo hdparm -I /dev/sdb | grep TRIM                                    1 ↵
    [sudo] Passwort für killajoe: 
    	   *	Data Set Management TRIM supported (limit 8 blocks)

    Note: There are different types of TRIM support defined by the specification. Hence, the output may differ depending what the drive supports.

    Antergos uses continuous TRIM if your drive supports it.
    It is also possible to use Periodic TRIM what will TRIM weekly…

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