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    Hi everyone, I installed antergos on my desktop pc with minimal cd and custom partition configuration. At the end of the installation and boot up I have an error: unknow filesystem. To fix since I could have used the entire hd with automatic installer and everything is ok. Antergos is very interesting I’ve tried everything and now I have gentoo and deepin. The aur repository of users I like very much antergos rollin release and its installation system is really beautiful and user friendly. For this reason I decided to install antergos in my child’s pc to replace deepin 15.4 in dual boot with windows. Here I need to use the custom partition but in the end I have the same error, How can I fix it? Do you have similar alerts? Do I have to try with the dvd? Waiting for your suggestions I wish you a good day.

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    error: unknow filesystem


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  • Thank you so much, I solved it. Have a nice Sunday.

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