• Google Calendar/Crontab with SMTP or similar ?

    Hi, Im new in antergos and arch, I work in a tv channel in Argentina. The software we use to upload all the programs (tv shows, movies, etc.) dont have a “expiration time”, so we need to remind when the advertising videos expire. I need to find some service (with UI) where I put a expire date and when the times come, it send me an email, or display a pop up notification in the interface. I hate the calendar of antergos, and crontab is to difficult for normal users. Exists some “crontab-ui” for antergos, or something similar who works with ssmtp? Thanks and sorry for my english.


  • Why don’t you use an online collaborator app like ToDoist or something similar? Form a group, add tasks with do dates, them you all get mails when its time.

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