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    My work uses Exchange 2010 server. I am trying to access this from Antergos. Have managed to make it work with Thunderbird and the EzQuilla plugin, but I am not able to make the calendar work. The Lightening and Ericsson plugins on Thunderbird 52 will not work.

    Hiri (www.hiri.com) is available in the AUR. It installs fine, but will not start in Antergos with GNOME. Is there anybody that has managed to run Hiri on Antergos GNOME? If so, how?

  • I don’t use hiri but I use evolution and all works with ews plugin.

  • I am sadly not able to make Evolution with EWS work. Not sure why. Probaly something with how the Exchange server is set up. The web-mail interface is working, and mail from Exchange to Thunderbird with ExQuilla is also working.

  • I tried Hiri, it segfaults (poor programing).

    How do you set up evolution and the EWS plugin? I have that working fine with office365.

  • @izznogooood said in Hiri - An Exchange ready mail client:

    I tried Hiri, it segfaults (poor programing).

    How do you set up evolution and the EWS plugin? I have that working fine with office365.

    Me too, maybe you should mention how you set your Exchange connection up in Evolution. Get it working and it’s a wonderful email client! Very advanced

  • Hi…
    No problem connecting to Office 365 mail. My company Exchange 2010 on-premise server does not work however. I have read about others with similar problems.

    When I enter my e-mail adress, autodiscover works and find my ews url. When I enter domain\username and my password Evolution finds the OAB url. When I finish the wizard, however, no e-mail account folder is added to Evolution, and when i close and open Evolution the wizard starts again. As I stated earlier this is no problem in Thunderbird with the ExQuilla plugin, so i have the correct login information.

  • @stanil The autodiscover doesn’t always work flawless, that was my experience with our on-premise Exchange server. With Office 365, things were totally different.

    Doublecheck the settings and compare them to Thunderbird so you’re sure you’re using the right ones to connect to Exchange.

  • @stanil

    I had the same issue, Then suddenly when I opened it i had 5 similar accounts. I think I just left it for a while after I finished the Wizzrd.

  • I have now tried for hours. It is NOT possible to make Evolution register my mail account. When I press “finish” on the wizard, my e-mail account vanish and I am back to start again. I am absolutly sure that the account information is correct. Anyone got some advice?

  • Heeeeyyyy… rebooted my computer. Started Evolution and I have 10 accounts trying to sync with my Exchange server… Deleted 9 and have one working. Great! Now I give Evolution a spin and hopefully I do not have to run Windows 7 with Outlook in a virtualbox session. :-)

  • Wow, that’s a mysterious turn of events. I think your Antergos setup is haunted dude

  • Could be, but I think maybe Evolution with the EWS plugin has got some insects in its machinery. I do not give a sh**. IT WORKS. I am happy.

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