• How to display system info in terminal.

    Hello, here is an easy one for you guys- How /where do you get the fancy terminals with system info and “graphics” made out of symbols and letters? I’ve been looking at pictures of peoples customized desktops and many have those cool looking terminal windows and now I want one for my self to go with my newly installed Antergos <3 -but where/how to get it? Is it a special terminal i have to download, or some settings I’ve missed out on? I’m on XFCE. Thank you.

  • Hi there!
    Simply install "Neofetch’ from Pamac.🙂

    If you want it to be displayed every time you open the terminal, simply add the line “neofetch” to the end of the ./bashrc file in Home. It should look something like this:


    If not running interactively, don’t do anything
    [[ $- != i ]] && return

    alias ls=‘ls --color=auto’
    PS1=’[\[email protected]\h \W]$ ’

  • @A-User Thanks a lot :-)

  • You’re welcome, friend🙂.

    Just glad I could help!

  • So…

    I’m just curious now. What does your new and improved terminal look like?

  • This is what mine looks like right now:


    (If you can’t upload an image, simply upload it to here and put a link to it in your post).

  • @A-User Wow- thats awsome! Gonna need some time with the graphics, or maybe I cheat a little and download a picture-to-ascii-art program if I can find one. Would be cool if more people posted pictures of they terminals, IDK if this is the right place though, I’m new to forums …

  • @A-User Here is mine: http://i.imgur.com/9If9S7y.png -now, the adventures of making my own graphic.

  • Neofetch user manual. (Copied from github page)

    Post Install
    Using the config file

    Neofetch will by default create a config file at $HOME/.config/neofetch/config and this file contains all of the script’s options/settings. The config file allows you to keep your customizations between script versions and allows you to easily share your customizations with other people.

    You can launch the script without a config file by using the flag --config none and you can specify a custom config location using --config path/to/config.

    See this wiki page for the default config: https://github.com/dylanaraps/neofetch/wiki/Config-File
    Customizing what info gets displayed


  • Thank you for all of the helpful info!

    I really like your bright blue text🙂. How can I get my text like that?

  • @catsndogs said in How to display system info in terminal.:

    I’m new to forums …

    So am I… sort of.
    This is probably my fourth week using them🙂

  • community/screenfetch 3.8.0-2
        CLI Bash script to show system/theme info in screenshots

    this one is in community so no need to build…

  • Neofetch is also in Pamac, only it is located in the AUR.

  • @A-User yes what i say it is a PKGBUILD from AUR and not a installable package… you need to build it, what also can be done inside pamac or by hand ;)

  • hehehe…


    I misunderstood your last post.

  • Nice! I really like both of your terminals!

  • I just changed mine to this:

  • By the way, does anyone here now how to set a custom image for neofetch to display in place of the Antergos logo? It just seems kind of fun to be able to play around with it🙂.

  • @A-User

    0_1497267945640_la vas a quemar.png

    21 hours on and working, that’s called using a computer :)

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