• Can't change wired connection settings

    I’ve recently purchased a System76 Galago Pro and have installed Antergos running the Plasma 5 desktop. want to changed my wired IPv4 to Automatic (Only addresses), but when I make this selection the apply button is not active. I cannot apply the changes.

  • @herbie301 I have found that if I select “Allow auto-negotiate” in the connections settings for the wired connections setup, all changes can be applied.

  • Nice! Glad to hear your problem has been solved…

    I wish I could have helped you earlier, but I don’t use KDE and so couldn’t really offer any knowledgeable suggestions.

  • @A-User Thank you.

  • @herbie301 said in Can't change wired connection settings:

    @A-User Thank you.

    You’re welcome, although I wish I could have actually helped…

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