• Trash Can

    How can I put the trash can on gnome desktop. No problem in KDE

    or Cinnamon. Usually I can figure these things out but so far no luck.

  • Set to true two keys:

    org.gnome.desktop.background.show-desktop-icons = true


    org.gnome.nautilus.desktop.trash-icon-visible = true

    Depending on Gtk theme in use, the desktop wallpaper may or may not be lost.

  • If you open up Gnome-Tweak-Tool, you can go to “Desktop” and enable “Icons on Desktop”. From there, check / uncheck whatever you want to be shown by default on the desktop. “Trash” is the third item on the list.

    Hope this helps!

  • I had tried to work with gnome tweak tool but the options were not available. So
    I tried this “gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.desktop trash-icon-visible true” in terminal. That did not seem to work either. logged out of gnome
    did some other work on KDE, logged back into Gnome and guess what the trash can was there. lol so having read your suggestion checked the
    gnome tweak tool and it now has the options as you described. Why it
    worked that way I do not know. I am now more convinced that KDE is
    easier than gnome but I like to try other DE’s. thanks for the help
    Antergos is awesome.

  • @rosswmcgee said in Trash Can:

    Antergos is awesome.

    I agree!

  • @rosswmcgee ones you understand how it works under Gnome it is easy… for me it is opposit i feel configurations under KDE are complicated…

  • @joekamprad said in Trash Can:

    i feel configurations under KDE are complicated…

    Same here!

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