• BTRFS, a word of caution!

    Yesterday I suffered a crash on my Desktop/Server. I paid the price for a choice I made 1,5 years ago when I installed it.

    Choosing BTRFS as my main FS on my main machine which I planned to keep going for 5+ years.

    Listen to the warnings of others, BTRFS is not stable yet, and should not be used if you value your data.

    I checked and rechecked the disk and with all the error messages i am sure it was BTRFS that is to blame. The partition is impossible to save. Luckily i have backup of every LXC and important things. But my nextcloud server was completed 2 days ago and I did not back it up yet :(.

    So, use something else for your important systems.

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  • @izznogooood Agreed: On Lunduke hour (on youtube) a few weeks ago, a Pogo Linux employee was interviewed and he said he would not roll out BTRFS right now because it hasn’t evolved to a sufficient level (and he listed what was problematic if you want to watch the video) - I’ve used ZFS on BSD and it was awesome, and the man being interviewed said he was fine with officially using linux ZFS (OpenZFS I think).

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  • BTRFS: Better Try a Real FIle System.

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